“Did You Know?” Ads

CLEAR Alliance is committed to fact-based messaging. The “Did You Know?” ads were first created in partnership with the Tigard Turns the Tide coalition for the purpose of empowering Oregon youth to create and be featured in fact-based messaging. In a series of focus groups, the ads were tested with youth in various classroom settings in urban and rural middle and high schools. The ads were then fine-tuned and reviewed by parents as well as educational, medical, law enforcement, treatment and prevention professionals.

Recently the “Did You Know?” campaign has been expanded to include alcohol, tobacco, vaping and Rx drugs. New ads may be added on a regular basis, so remember to check back for updates! “Did You Know?” ads are available for purchase individually as a digital download, or as a printed poster. All “Did You Know?” ads are currently included in the Tobacco Marijuana & E-Cigarettes Course (TMEC) curriculum kit provided to trained TMEC instructors. Interested TMEC Instructors can click “Our Trainings” tab to sign up for a TMEC Instructor Training and gain access to these great educational materials.

Want to find the research and evidence that supports each ad?
Click on the individual “Did You Know?” ad and select the “References and Sources” tab