For Students

Youth and adult learners (ages 13 and up) can independently access our Health and Safety or Driver Education online courses.

Also this educational tool can be utilized by schools as an option for students or athletes referred for substance use or vaping.

This individual-led course has built in knowledge checks/quizzes.

A certificate is emailed to the registered student upon successful completion of each module.

Individuals have 3 days from when they register to complete the course.

Students can be self-referred to this course or referred by a parent, guardian, school, or other agency.

Student Next Step

Q: Who are the student courses geared towards?

A: The courses is geared towards:

  1. Youth ages 13 and above
  2. Parents and guardians
  3. A resource tool for schools to refer youth in need of the education
  4. An “on-demand” option for administrators or previously trained TMEC Instructors to review the new Student TMEC online course to see what’s new.

Q: What if I live outside of Oregon?

A: If you live outside of Oregon, you will want to register for our National courses. CLEAR Alliance will be releasing National courses in 2021.

Pricing and More Q&A

For Instructors

Approved public service agencies and providers may purchase a 1-year renewable license to teach TMEC to teens and adults in online or in-person classroom settings.

Instructor-led course allows instructor to provide the knowledge checks/quizzes.

Includes certificate featuring instructor name, attendance record, and class location, which is emailed upon successful completion of each module.

For educational use only.

Not available for resale.

Instructor Next Step

Q: Who should be licensed to use the TMEC curriculum kit?

A: Licensed educational use of TMEC is for:

  1. middle schools, high schools, and colleges (public, private, charter)
  2. driver education programs
  3. hospitals, caregivers, doctor offices and clinics
  4. public health, prevention, treatment, and mental health agencies
  5. juvenile departments
  6. law enforcement agencies
  7. athletic programs
  8. after-school programs
  9. church/faith-based youth & parenting group leaders
  10. parenting class facilitators
  11. public-service staff training and professional development

Q: Am I am able to teach TMEC outside of Oregon?

A: Yes. Our National TMEC will be available in 2021 to those who wish to instruct TMEC outside Oregon.

Pricing and More Q&A

Need financial assistance?

Financial contribution from your agency is required. In order to be considered for financial assistance, you must reside in Oregon, complete the form, and wait for a response. After it is reviewed, you will be notified of your eligibility.
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Are you an agency in need of a purchase order?

Courses, curriculum, and materials cannot be accessed until payment is received in full.
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