Tobacco Marijuana & E-Cigarette Course

The Tobacco Marijuana & E-Cigarette Course (TMEC) is curriculum that delivers evidence-based practices in teaching the facts about marijuana to youth and adults (middle school age and above). TMEC can be delivered in two ways: The full 3-hour course is typically delivered in school health classes, and an abridged version is available specific to Driver Education class.

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The TMEC Instructor Kit includes the following:

  • TMEC Copyright Protection Notice
  • TMEC Attendance Sheet & TMEC Evaluation Report template for tallying pre and post survey data
  • TMEC Kit Description
  • TMEC Instructor Guide
  • TMEC PowerPoints with Videos (3-hour version and 2-hour abridged version)
  • TMEC Health Standards, Contributors, Evaluators & Testimonials
  • TMEC Student Forms (including Pre-Survey, Post-Survey & Student Worksheet)
  • TMEC Videos
  • TMEC Weighted Evaluation Report
  • “Did you know?” Oregon Marijuana Ads – All 12×18” posters feature real Oregon youth (includes printable PDFs and social media files for Facebook, Twitter and Instagram)

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TMEC for pre-teens

Tobacco Marijuana & E-Cigarettes Course for Pre-Teens


Tobacco Marijuana & E-Cigarettes Course for Teens

tMEC for adults

Tobacco Marijuana & E-Cigarettes Course for Adults